Is Your iPhone the Key to Curing Diabetes?

Our mobile phones are changing the nature of medical research. While online health studies have existed for years, Apple’s latest innovation, ResearchKit, is bringing medical research front and center on your smallest screen.

What is ResearchKit? It is an open-source  iOS software platform that allows researchers and developers to build apps for patients. By monitoring, surveying, and logging healthy behaviors, apps using ResearchKit will help researchers further understand a variety of conditions.

Smart Wearables Give Parents Peace of Mind

When my kids were growing up we had scary looking kids harnesses to keep them from wandering. I never partook in the ritual, opting instead to let my kids respond to my doggie commands like “come here” instead of a physical restraint.

Today’s parents are going to need to decide if they’re going to indulge in the raft of new digital wearables designed to constantly track the real-time whereabouts of their kids with a digital leash. And since tech is a lot cooler and less cumbersome than wearing a harness, there are some compelling reasons to consider.

Sleep: The Biggest Loser at CES 2015


At CES 2015 the biggest loser was sleep. Collectively, I’d venture to say the 170,000 plus attendees lost at least one million hours of collective sleep (based on a two-day stay in Vegas). Whether they were in search of a pay-out slot machine or a hot new product, they were also bound to run into lots of products to help them find out how much sleep they were losing. In the fitness and health areas of the show floor, you couldn’t move without bumping into a product designed to help you quantify your sleep.

But measuring sleep is a bit ephemeral. There are two certainties. First is that you can get widely differing analysis of your sleep from different devices. And second, while they’re getting better at measuring your sleep, they’re pretty clueless about prescribing a remedy for the sleepless.

Who’s Done Right by Kids This Year?


No longer an afterthought, technology is as much a part of a well-balanced kid’s diet as milk or fiber. No longer an option, it’s interwoven and always present — at school, at home, online and all points between.

So many of kid’s digital playthings today hold their interest for all of 10 minutes. So many are limited, closed loops with little regard to stretching imagination or exploration. But behind the YouTube videos of young girls primping, and the near-heart attack experiences of watching kids play around with Instagram and Vine, there’s something really important going on out there.

Help! My Phone Has More Accessories Than Me


“All my bags are packed I’m ready to go,” as the words to the song begin. I’ve got my clothes laid out on one side of the bed. The other side belongs to my phone and its accessories. Guess who’s better dressed? That’s right. My phone now has more accessories than my Barbie doll could have ever hoped for.
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Digital Health Summit

Digital Health Summit:  Two days of intensive conference sessions featuring everyone from Dr. Phil to Singularity University’s Daniel Kraft, from WebMD to BrainMD.  The Everyday Health Awards winners were announced.

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Fitness Tech

Fitness Tech:   As David Pogue said, you couldn’t throw a Frisbee at CES without hitting a fitness product. They jumped, they pedaled, they quantified.  Tech giants like Under Armour, Fitbit, Polar and iFit , along with great innovators like Aftershokz, Basis, Jaybird, Runtastic and Fitlinxx, were just a few of the exciting exhibits.. The FitnessTech Summit conference was the scene for important discussions on biometrics, corporate wellness, partnerships and branding.

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Lifelong Tech Summit

The generation that created the Internet is now depending on it to maintain a rich and long life. New technologies are allowing older Americans to enjoy a continued high quality of life in the comfort of their own their homes.  This year’s exhibit floor showed how to improve modalities, stay in touch with loved ones and make learning a lifetime experience. The conference session covered everything from the role robots will be in the lives of adults to the smartest homes with the best medical care that tech can provide.

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FamilyTech Summit

2015 proved to be the year of the family as smart home appliances, communications devices, mobility and family wearables dominated the exhibit floor.   Whirlpool’s kitchen of the future, kids’ wearables,  Binatone’s pet conference call (with treats), and TempraTrak’s Bandaid-sized continuous digital thermometer all heralded a new “high” for high tech families.

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The year when YouTube began its own kid’s channel, the year when Spin Master and WowWee took robots to a new level, the year when Leapfrog entered the console business and kids’ wearables poked up on the radar.   From Toca Boca’s rally cry to kids’ freedom, David Pogue’s summation of the quantified self, and Richard Barry’s optimistic look at the future of the toy business, this was an exciting year for the next generation of Digital Kids.  Plus, the KAPi Awards made it abundantly clear that innovation is not lost in the kids’ industry. 

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