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  • CEA Executive Board Elects Three New Members to CEA Foundation Board of Trustees

    10/19/2012| 03:29pm US/Eastern CEA Executive Board Elects Three New Members to CEA Foundation Board of Trustees Arlington, VA – 10/19/2012 – The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® Executive Board elected Bruce Borenstein, president and CEO of Voxlinc LLC, Julie Kearney, vice president of regulatory affairs for CEA, and Robin Raskin, founder …

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  • Take Back Your Mobile Bill (Give Back Something Too)

    Einstein likely would have been flummoxed given the chance to read his mobile phone bill. Page after page of inscrutable charges leave mobile consumers forever perplexed as to whether they’re getting what they paid for with their mobile service. According to Todd Dunphy and Tom …

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  • Kid’s Android Tablets Invasion

    What’s $150, looks just like mom and dad’s version, and will be flying off the shelves this holiday season? Answer – Tablet PCs made just for the kids. In time for the holidays, there are now more than 15 different kid-centric tablets. Tablets, like doctor’s …

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  • A Bright Future for the High Tech Death Market

    Death is on our minds, in part because the demographics are moving towards an aging population, and in part because dying is one really expensive process. In a $17 billion dollar a year business, memorializing and burial were among the sacred bastions untouched by technology. …

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  • You Can’t Eat ‘Em But You Can Buy ‘Em: Halloween Apps

    Not too sure how the kids would feel if you coughed up an app instead of candy, but these might grab their fancy and not be bad for their teeth. Oceanhouse Media’s Halloween offering: In Trick or Treat PictureMe, parents add their child’s photo to …

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  • ReadWriteWeb’s Buying a Mobile Phone in Six Easy Steps

    From dispelling the myth of the perfect phone to deciphering hardware specs, from looking at the apps running on each of the platforms to establishing which carrier is best in your area, ReadWriteWeb gets a gold star for this easy to use series.

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  • 3D Printing: Why Does this One Differ From All Others?

    By now, you’re either living under a rock or you’ve seen the plastic trinkets being churned out by the many hot new 3D printers on the market. I attended this year’s Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. It may have …

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  • Internet: Opiate of the People?

    Marx blamed religion. Nancy Reagan blamed drugs. But the opiate du jour is the Internet. So check your dopamine at the screen. Two important trends are emerging as Internet behavior continues to go under the microscope. First. We over-share because we experience chemical changes in …

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