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  • Penveu Challenges Interactive Whiteboards

    Interactive whiteboards in the classroom have been plagued by any number of problems.  Often mis-calibrated, sometimes proprietary, always expensive – and it forces the teacher to be in front of the classroom. It’s high time for an alternative to the old “teacher stands in front …

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  • What Gets Your Inner-Fitness Going: Data or Friendship? Or Both?

    A recent study from NPD shows that one in five consumers want a fitness device that they can hook up to their PC. Today’s question is “will people have more incentive to actually buy these devices if they can use them with friends”. Striiv, a …

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  • Stress: What Would Arianna Do?

    Arianna Huffington gets stressed out too! I don’t know why, but I take great comfort when people who look pressed and pretty all the time confess that they need to deal with stress just like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us …

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  • Recharge Your Systems the Green Way

    Technology and thinking green did not always go together very well. Filled with icky harmful metals and substances, never recyclable and persistent energy hogs – electronics were known for creating more environmental problems than they solved. One problem being solved in innovative ways is device …

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  • Why Instagram Might Lose Its “Instant-ness”

    Free, fun and simple – that’s what Instagram was all about. You took a photo with your mobile phone and applied some crazy effect so that your friends would never be bored with your photos again (though they might be trying to figure out what …

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  • Kid Tested: Kinect RUSH is a Rush

    Can’t decide which Pixar movie is your fav? Don’t give it a second thought. If you own a Microsoft Kinect you can grab a copy of Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure where you’ll get a taste of all your favorites with you staring as …

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  • Ebooks versus Apps for Kids

    What’s the difference between a kid’s app and a kid’s ebook?   Oh, about $10. There are a few other differences, sure.  E-books tell more of a story and have less in-book games. Apps have more interactivity and play.  But just by calling something an ebook …

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  • Tax Season Jitters

    There was a time when the only tax time jitter you had was getting things done in time and coughing up your dough.  Now, the problems are compounded digitally. Between now and April 15, approximately 155 million people are filing tax form, making identity theft  …

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