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  • Reimagining Kids Birthday Gifts

    Rudy DeFelice, CEO of KidWorth, bowled me over when he told me that the average kid earns about $25k worth of stuff before he grows up.  Most of it takes the form of a handful of calendar dates: birthdays, holidays, religious ceremonies. But you know …

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  • Can Gamification Help Solve the Kids’ Privacy Problem?

    Sigh.   We’ve seen this one before. The stage is set for the next bout between concerned parents and watchdog groups and web and mobile sites that cater to kids.  Because it’s so easy to glean information about kids habits, whereabouts and friends using the technologies …

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  • Time to Re-Address Address Bloat

    Have you looked at a colleague’s business cards lately? Once pristine, with a simple name and mailing address, today’s business cards feature a litany of links and social networking connections.  Some of them have forsaken the physical address, replacing it with a list of every …

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  • What Does an Augmented Reality Book Look Like?

    Popar ( is in Pop plus “AR”) has an idea about how to fuse books with augmented reality digital experiences to create a deeper, richer, more multifaceted read.  The results are pretty spectacular and may do more to add new life to traditional printed books. …

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  • Perpetual Gaming: At Toy Fair Your Games are Never Far From Your Side

    Microsoft Kinect did an awesome job of making indoor play a physical sport. Nintendo rocked the world when it let kids take their favorite games with them. With video game sales down this holiday, the new object of the game is a seamless play, one …

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