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  • Toddler Tablet

    In the early 90’s I started to write a lot about family computing.  At the time there was a PC on every desk. While there were hundreds of CD-ROMs for kids designed for these machines, eventually they all fell off the map. There are many …

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  • GPS Takes You to Sesame Street

    Ever wonder where your GPS got its peculiar speech affect? Ever wonder who would want to listen to Bert and Ernie read their directions out loud? We finally have the answers. Locutio, a UK based company, just announced an agreement with Sesame Street to provide …

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  • Huddle-Ware Turns iPads into Shared Games

    The tablet is coming out of solitary confinement. Contrary to popular notions of one tablet per person, tablets are becoming a shared  group experience – lead by iPads.  Some are calling the phenomena “huddleware” since multiple people huddle around to play a game on the …

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  • Gadgets: For Your Health (and under the tree)

    Arnet offers up a nice gift list of digital health gadgets for the holidays. You’ll see many of them at the Sports & Fitness Tech Summit at CES this January.

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  • Swimming to the Oldies

    As you age exercise takes it’s toll on the body. Many turn to non-weight bearing exercises, swimming being the most popular. But listening to the voice in your head can get tedious after a dozen laps. And quite a few older adults would rather not spend their …

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  • HP’s 3D in 2D

    Just in case you thought 2D printing didn’t churn through enough ink, take a look at HP’s new TopShop LaserJet Pro M275. It can capture physical objects – shoes, jewelry, whatever – in a pseudo-3D way. Not to be confused with true 3D printers that …

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  • Nest: A Thermostat that Raises My Temperature

    It’s not easy to get excited about a thermostat. But when you get an eyeful of Nest, billed as the first learning thermostat, your blood will warm. Thermostats, says the company, control about half of your homes’ energy – more than your fridge, electronics and …

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  • Can the New Nook Tablet Help Reclaim Barnes and Noble Stores as a Destination?

    Before the Apple Store became the best “pick up” spot in New York, there was Barnes & Noble. Its spacious square footage quickly became a mash up of date location and library. It seems digital times have made the bookstore – even a giant bookstore …

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  • Welcome to Wild World of…Shopping?

    They used to say “be careful what you wish for”. Now it’s be careful what you “tap” for. Shopping is quickly becoming as easy as tapping your phone at the checkout counter. Imagine this scenario:  You’re walking past Bloomingdales.  They know you love DKNY because …

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  • Mybasis

    Fit and Fun: My Life with Gaggle of New Body Monitors

    If you’re not wearing a body monitor that senses your moves and tallies up your daily energy expenditure, then your workout may be missing it’s pizzazz. Or at least its brains, because I’m telling you, these smart monitors are pretty smart. Unlike myself, who must …

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