Have you noticed that today’s kids don’t have their own superheroes? Batman, WonderWoman, Spiderman, Superman – seriously, isn’t it time forsome new blood in the hero-sphere? Herotopia is here to save the day!

Herotopia can best be described as a cross between Carmen Sandiego meets Pajama Sam (this is a memory test for kids media mavens). Superkids become superheroes with superpowersas they travel to exotic world locations, uncovering clues and facts through interactive games.

The play has a bit of everything. Visit Paris and learn a few facts about the Eiffel tower. Adopt an Orangutan sidekick and it’s your own Tomogatchi to keep healthy and happy. There’s a global social change component where kids earn points for charitable deeds. And there’s a social network that makes Club Penguin rather juvenile and dated. Of course you can play acertain amount for free, but if you want real superhero accessories, multiple superpowers, superhideouts, herograms (er, email) and more you’re going to need the all access membership which starts at $5.95 a month.

I found the art charming, and the idea of a globetrotting superkid appealling. Let your kids try the free version, gauge the reaction and see where it takes you. You may turn out to be the hero of the family.

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